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Why should you get a mobile app for your business?

A powerful mobile strategy requires more than just a responsive website. Times have changed and it’s imperative for any business to quickly adapt with the latest technological developments. Your business needs to evolve with your increasingly mobile-centric customers. With a mobile app for your business, you can showcase your products and services in a better way by having a direct marketing channel, you can build loyalty and relationships with your customers, reinforce your brand, increase your visibility and accessibility, generate repeat business and enhance your social networking strategies. If you don’t have a mobile app for your business yet, now is the best time to dive and get success in the digital marketplace.  

Out of South Africa’s total population at least 52% of the people utilize the internet and at least 75% of all website traffic in South Africa comes from mobile devices.

In various studies done, South Africa currently has over 17 million smartphone users and the forecast is that there will be at least 22 million smartphone users in South Africa at the end of 2022.

In other various research platforms, it has been found that 55% of smartphone users in South Africa has Android operated Smart Phones and 40% of smartphone users in South Africa has iOS operated smart phones.

The Benefits Of Having A Mobile App For Your Business

 The latest digital trends in South Africa focusses on Social Media, E-commerce, Responsive Websites and Mobile Applications.  Mobile apps provide a much faster alternative than mobile web browsing as web browsing requires a user to launch a web browser, enter a URL and wait for the site to load (providing there is adequate reception), whereas it only takes a second to launch a mobile app because the majority of the information is stored in the application itself making it possible to function offline.  When you get a mobile app for your business, your customers will be very impressed by your forward-thinking approach - your app will have a purpose, a benefit to the end user and it will act much like a not-so-obvious ad for your business.  The more often you can get customers involved with your app, the sooner they will be inclined to buy your product.  Give your business the potential to engage with your customers in real-time, making it simpler and more efficient for your customers to get in touch with your business.

Direct Marketing

Your business can benefit from having the ability to reach your customers 24/7.  The Mobile app is always visible on your customers phones, constantly reminding your customers of your business which adds to effective marketing and ROI for your business.


Your Mobile App reduces the costs of SMS messages and paper newsletters by sending Push Notifications out, allowing you to remind your customers about your products and services, inform them of new stock, new menu's, special events, product launches and promotions etc. 

Loyalty Rewards

Build your customer loyalty with rewards and discounts with a loyalty program, and make it possible for customers to collect their rewards via your mobile app.  You can also sell your products, allow your customers to order online or make a booking directly from your mobile app.

Brand Awareness

You can provide a fun and productive mobile experience around your brand.  Take a big leap and stand out from the competition and be the first in your industry to offer a mobile app to your customers or join the companies in your industry who already have a mobile app.

Galactix Technologies

Are you ready to have your Mobile App Developed but you simply don't have the financial means to do so yet?  Contact Us and let's talk as speed to market is very important to get and stay ahead of your competitors.  We offer interest free app financing solutions to our clients as part of our awesome customer service and support.

Our Process for Mobile App Development Projects

Are you ready to dive and get success in the digital marketplace?  We can assist with Mobile Application Solutions for both Android and IOS operating systems for all business industries all over South Africa.

Step 1 - Needs Analysis

Contact us and our dedicated team will review your project requirements, do proper research on all options available and will then get in touch with you to set up a meeting to come and see you to discuss the project in more detail and to offer the best solution that will suit your needs.

Step 2 - Project Planning

Meet with our team and discuss the full project scope, brainstorm ideas, set clear expectations, discuss UX and UI design, special project requirements, timelines, pricing etc.  We will also discuss project marketing and launch strategies with you to ensure the success of the project.

Step 3 - Project Admin

Our admin team will get in touch with the relevant project documentation, outstanding information and invoice. The agreed deposit will be due now and once paid, our team will start with the development of the project.

Step 4 - Official Project Development

Our developers will develop a basic prototype of the project and once completed and fully tested, we will set up another meeting with you to come and “demo” the project.  From here, changes in UX and UI design, content and app features etc. can be discussed. Once done, our team can continue to complete the final build of the project. Project launch marketing and strategy plans can now be implemented and executed.

Step 5 - Testing and Review

Our developers will complete the project and do final testing to ensure the project exceeds all expectations and to ensure that the app works on all devices and is bug-free.   Once done we will set up a last meeting with you to deliver and discuss the final product. Once approved, the project will be launched and official marketing of the project can now start.

Step 6 - Deployment (Publishing)

We take all the required steps and actions to submit your app to the Google Playstore (Android) and the I-Tunes App Store (IOS) to be published.  Once the app is available on the app stores for download, we will create the landing page and the QR-Code to assist with app downloads.  We offer ongoing customer support and maintenance and are just a phone call away if you have any questions or queries.


Evolve with your increasingly mobile-centric customers and APPERTIZE your business today!  Complete the form below and we will be happy to assist you.

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With a mobile app for your business, you can showcase your products and services in a better way.  You can build loyalty and relationships with your customers, reinforce your brand, increase your visibility and accessibility, generate repeat business and enhance your social networking strategies.  Evolve with your increasingly mobile-centric customers and Appertize your business today.

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